• Snowshoe Charm

    Take home a beautiful remembrance of Vermont with a 14K yellow gold snowshoe. It would make a dainty necklace pendant or a perfect bracelet charm.

  • Vermont State Charm

    Take home a hand crafted state of Vermont charm created with 14K gold! It the perfect souvenir and would make a great necklace pendant or bracelet charm.

  • Maple Bucket Charm

    This is a 14K yellow gold sap bucket representing the delicious maple syrup you can get in Vermont. It would be a beautiful necklace pendant or bracelet charm.

  • Custom 14K Vermont State Diamond Necklace

    Ferro Jewelers custom made a 14K Vermont State charm with a diamond and attached this to a diamonds by the yard necklace.

  • Custom Ullr Pendant/Charm

    Within the skiing community the Old Norse god "Ullr" is considered the Guardian Patron Saint of Skiers. An Ullr medallion, depicting the Scandinavian god Ullr on skis holding a bow and arrow, is widely worn as a talisman by both recreational and professional skiers as well as ski patrols in Europe and elsewhere”

  • 14K yellow gold custom VT maple leaf cuff links

    Ferro Jewelers custom made 14K yellow gold Vermont maple leaf cuff links.

  • 14ky covered bridge charm

    14ky covered bridge charm. Medallion shape.


  • 14ky Large Acorn Charm

    14ky large sized acorn charm.

  • 14ky snowflake charm

    14ky snowflake charm.

  • 14ky Cross-Country Ski Charm

    14ky cross-country ski charm.

  • 14k Ski Lift charm

    14k ski lift charm. A perfect way to remember a winter in Stowe.

  • 14k yellow leaf

    This leaf was custom made by Ferro Jewelers to be life like -- it is curved and measures approximately 1" in length. It can be worn as a charm on a bracelet or made into a leaf by the yard necklace.

    -Pricing is for one 14K yellow gold leaf

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