• Vintage 18k Rose Gold Breitling Circa 1940's Watch

    This watch is remarkable! The Breitling name is a brand that can be trusted which is part of the appeal with this watch. The draw of this watch is based on the quality and era. This 1930's watch features an alluring chronograph dial with golden tones and a brown leather strap for added comfort.

  • Leania Czech Circa 1930's Military Watch

    This very hearty watch features a unique black dial that you wont find everywhere. Fashioned on a brown leather strap, this piece does more than keep time. This watch mixes style with every day practicality.

  • Vintage 14k Rose Gold Bezel Circa 1950's Rolex Watch

    This vintage Rolex watch is something very special. With beautiful white and yellow features this piece is stunning. Set on a brown genuine alligator strap, this piece is a great find.

  • Antique Vacheron Constantin Silver Circa 1910 Watch

    This antique brand Vacheron Constantin silver 1910's watch is unlike anything you will see in your travels. With an incredibly unique dial featuring very cool numbering and colors, this is a watch that can be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Rare Antique Illinois Circa 1915 Watch

    Rare watches are always fun. The combination of rare, antique and stylish and you will be providing him with a gift that he wont forget. Set on a beautiful black leather strap, this watch is something very special.

  • Rare Vintage Waffle Dial Stainless Steel Circa 1950's Rolex Watch

    There is nothing like a vintage Rolex. This particular Rolex features a very rare waffle style dial in black and gold. This Rolex exudes true style and sophistication. You won't find another like this!

  • Antique Benson Circa 1915 Watch

    This stunning Benson brand watch has an incredibly cool dial. The multi-yellow tone accents on this watch dial make it unlike any watch you've ever seen!

  • Stainless Steel Cream Color Vintage Circa 1950's Rolex Watch

    This circa 1950's vintage Rolex watch is a wonderful piece. The timeless style of this watch will never loose it's enthusiasm in the trade and marketplace. The thick and sturdy watch band is the perfect addition to this classic watch style.

  • Antique Benson Silver Circa 1915 Watch

    With this watch you are getting a fashionable and valuable piece of history. From the classic black dial to the funky font numbering, this watch screams bold creativity and style. Presented on a De Beers brand genuine crocodile black strap, this is a must have.

  • Vintage Green Dial DateJust Rolex Circa 1960's

    This watch is unlike anything he's ever seen. With a green Rolex dial and a unique one piece brown leather strap, this watch is one of a kind.


  • Antique 14k Rose and White Gold Gruen Circa 1920's Watch

    This watch is nothing like his other watches. This piece features a unique and antique Gruen watch with two tones of rose and white gold. Fashioned on a brown genuine alligator strap, this would make the most exciting gift.

  • Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Circa 1950's Rolex Watch

    The contrast of yellow gold and black will never go out of style. The classic look was a popular Rolex color scheme that lives on through the generations. This vintage 1950's Rolex watch features a genuine black alligator strap.

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